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AKB Projects

Sales and Business Development

"We succeeded in raising 5.000.000 DKK from a private investor and Vækstfonden"
- Vaerks

About AKB Projects

Let´s grow your business together

I help companies, especially startups, to grow.

I have experience in growing startups from idea stage to proof of concept to proof of business and also raising investor capital.

I myself have also been a co-founder of the startup Vaerks and I know the journey and know what it takes to wear all the caps. I grew the start-up from a hobby start-up with an idea (CNC/3D machine) without customers and revenue to raising capital from private investors and Vækstfonden (EIFO) of DKK 5,000,000.

I also have a large network in the Danish startup environment, as I sit in the board of the association Startup Borgen, which was previously under Tech BBQ. I can therefore open my network and share my experiences.

I help companies with sales, business development, fundraising and capital raising.

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Accelerator programs, awards and capital raising

I have extensive experience with accelerator programs, awards, fundraising and capital raising.

Of accelerator programs, I myself have participated in the Danish Tech Challenge at DTU and Beyond Beta.
I can therefore help your company to be registered.

For awards, I have been nominated for the WSA (World Summit Award), the SDG Tech Award and the Danish Design Award.
I can therefore help your company to be nominated for the awards.

In terms of funding and investments, I myself have received an Innobooster Experience from the Innovation Fund, a growth loan of DKK 4,000,000 from the Vækstfonden and DKK 1,000,000 from a private investor.
I can therefore help your company with fundraising and raising capital.



Let´s grow your business together through sales, business development, fundraising and capital raising


Develop a sales strategy
Optimizing your customer portfolio
Lead generation
Cold calling
Sales promotion activities - trade fair
Attend customer meetings
Optimizing sales material
Make sales pitches



Business Development

Develop a business plan
Develop a growth strategy
Make market analysis (go-to market strategy)
Make target group analysis
Partnership strategy
Partnership meetings
Supply Chain Management 

Capital Raising

Develop a fundraising strategy
Make fund applications for public funds
Make fund applications for private foundations
Obtain Letters of Interest (LOI)
Securing strategic partnerships


Develop a capital raising strategy
Make investor pitches
Preparation for investor pitch

Identify partnerships

Build investorrelations



Thank you!

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